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Gorilla Trekking: Important Things to Know

Gorilla Trekking: Important Things to Know


Keep in mind that in the whole world, you can see Mountain gorillas scientifically known as Gorilla Berengei Berengei in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Specifying Rwanda as one country where you can do the activity of Mountain Gorilla trekking, they can only be viewed in Volcanoes national park and a total of eight (8) people are allowed to view these gorillas each session every day. Within the park, there are seven (7) habituated gorilla groups which are readily available for viewing once you have purchases a gorilla permit. When you are to participate in the activity you have to book advance as only 56 gorilla permits are available day. The best group which has been considered for tracking is the Susa group which is best to track with 41 gorillas. One gorilla permit costs U$ 750 whenever you go for a track. For you to best enjoy this activity, you should choose every credible tour company which can be obtained online. Before choosing this company, you must ensure that the company is in position to arrange for gorilla trekking safaris where it can genuinely book for you a gorilla permit within the republic of Rwanda.

How to trek the gorillas in the Republic of Rwanda most depends on your fitness. You will be required to wake up every early in the morning to go to the park headquarters for briefing. In this regard therefore to avoid a lot of hustle, you are recommended to get your accommodation near the entrance of the park. This will save you from inconveniences which may have been caused when you have your accommodation away from the park. For instance, when you book it far from the park, you are most likely to reach late to the park headquarters. Remember for you to participate in the activity very well, you must appear for the African gorilla guide at 7 am. This briefing is useful on your side because, it will guide the safety precautions as well as the good manners required during the activity of gorilla trekking in the republic of Rwanda. This country is considered the best country for gorilla trekking because, it provides you with more than eight (80) gorilla trekking guides. These are readily provided by the Rwanda development Board. They are much trained and they do speak in very good French and English language.

The guide this year is that after briefing, you will head to the to the park headquarters together with the other group members and you will start hiking. The hiking will depend you physical strength. Keep in memory and mind that since there is an element of mountain which means something high, you must then expect to hike. As opposed to Uganda where you can spend the whole day trekking the gorillas, for the case of Rwanda, it will take you only thirty (30) minutes to be with these mountain gorillas. This year, the Rwanda gorilla Permits cost; USD $ 750 per person for non nationals, USD $ 375 for the foreign residents and Thirty Thousand Frw (30,000) for foreign residents. To many tour operators this year, the cost of trekking differs from company to company. These prices differ according to either you are buying a cheap safari or a luxury safari. The differences comes in depending on the type of accommodation you are going to book. For your information, local companies definitely charge lower than the international agencies therefore, you are advises to use local companies as compared to international companies.