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Public transport in Rwanda is widely available. You can easily travel from one region to another with ease at very low prices.

Moto Taxis

Getting Around Rwanda buy Moto TaxiMoto-taxis provide a quick and cheap method of getting to and from short distances in busy areas.

Minibuses are better for traveling longer distances and are generally quite regular and consistent, they do not tend to overload with passengers like in some countries. Be sure to ask for the most direct minibus as some do stop regularly while others will be a direct route.

Larger buses for international travel are available from the main cities. Caution should always be taken when using public transport as accident rates are still high.

Private hire is available though not a common option in Rwanda. Some few companies offer private car hire in Rwanda though most car rental companies will provide a driver. If this is your first time in Rwanda, it is advisable to take services of a local driver.

Private driver-guides are often available outside some of the larger hotels in Kigali offering their services as taxis or for longer tours.

There are several tour operators in Kigali who will organize tailor–made tours. It may worth shopping around for a good deal, although this is likely to be the most expensive option. The most reliable way is to contact any of the tour operators listed on this website to make arrangements for you!