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Umubano means “neighborliness” or “living together”.

The group is composed of 11 members, one silverback, one sub adult male gorilla, three adult female gorillas and six baby gorillas.

Umubano were initially in Amahoro gorilla group. Due to instabilities within the Amahoro Group, Umubano led a number of gorillas to form the new group.

The split-off was after Ubumwe, the silverback gorilla of Amahoro Group was defeated by Charles another silverback gorilla which used to be in the group. By the time Charles became a silverback gorilla like Ubumwe, he would not contain the orders and at the end, prompted to fight and challenge Ubumwe.

They fought nearly for weeks up to months till Charles took some of Ubumwe’s female gorillas where he created his gorilla family and this led to formation of Umubano. Since that time, Charles has been controlling the group and normal interactions between him and Ubumwe has not showed any fights.