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Gisenyi is the most toured area in Rwanda along Lake kivu and has got been known to be Rwandan Riviera and has the most palm studded sandy beaches to be enjoyed. Gisenyi gives good setting in Rwanda for relaxation and chilling out for a few days during your tour time in Rwanda. You will also find Gisenyi town the most stimulating place, you will enjoy its active markets that are so busy each and every time in the 45th largest town of Rwanda. You will also have the colonial inheritance of Belgian homes and the streets are creased with the palms and you relaxing and scenic Lake Kivu.

Gisenyi can also be called Rwanda’s resort town though you will find it so peaceful and so relaxing unlike what you would meet along the Indian Ocean where you would be bombarded by those that try to see you something of one kind and another. The lodges curl and the choices are also increasing each year and most of the lodges have their own restaurants. There are also few activities you can also do as you also relax on the beach including wind surfing and swimming, boat ride and many more. This means that Gisenyi is a place to enjoy and relax as well as chill out in Rwanda.