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When the Duke of Mecklenburg offset on an pleasure trip through Rwanda In 1907, with a range of scientific research, he carried on (or rather his team of bearers) a lot of cases of soap, rope, candles,and cigars, and such things like salt, wire, beading and wool blankets to trade with the natives.You might probably curve down on this slightly.

Actually Rwanda is a moderately well-stocked minor country, in terms of clothes, toiletry, stationery, batteries and so on.Except you bear absolutely exotic tastes (or your time table is excessively packed to let you time for shopping), you had better be capable to come across most of the daily basis items a traveler demands, even though the brands are unknown.Of course you must bring a supply of a private medication (along with a few extra, just in case your return time is delayed); additionally carry a stock of any kind of film you cherish to use, and enough sunscreen. Unless you arrange to go aside the beaten track ( you desire a camping or trekking gear, which is in limited supply), do not consider that you should fill your bag up with loads of semi-useful things ‘in case’. The comments less apply as much to any near African country you might go through or visit like Rwanda.

Visitors who are improbable to be holding their luggage for quite a distance will most likely need to pack nearly all of it in a standard suitcase.Ensure it’s strong and long-lasting, and it seals off well, as a result that its articles will endure rough drives as well as disorderly baggage handlers at airports.Travelers bearing loads of important items had better search for a bag that can be easily padlocked.A locked bag can, of course, be slashed open, but that would be highly unusual in Rwanda – you are more likely to be exposed to causal theft of the sort of which a lock would be real deterrent.

Quick Packing List

For gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking, endeavor to move with your tracking gears like:

– 1-2 long sleeved shirts
– 3 short sleeved t-shirts
– 2 –3 pairs of light weight slacks/trousers – that can dry quickly (if wearing on treks)
– 1 pair of shorts
– 1 sweater or sweatshirt
– A waterproof and windproof jacket
– 1 skirt ( for women)
– Gloves – gardening or similar (for gorilla trekking)
– Strong waterproof walking boots – pants should be tucked into socks and boots while trekking (heavy soled rain boots also work well)
– Pair of sports sandals like Tevas
– Hat-wide brim or with a visor for sun protection
– Sleepwear
– Underwear
– Lightweight wool socks
– Swimsuit (and a plastic bag)
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses with neck strap
– Insect repellent with DEET
– Small day pack
– Flashlight
– Binoculars
– Extra batteries
– Camera and extra lenses
– Film particularly fast film for the gorillas.
– Personal toiletries
– Prescription medicines and possibly prescription itself
– Kleenex tissues
– Small notebook
First Aid Kit including rehydration sachets, anti-diarrhea medicine, aspirin, cold medication, antiseptic cream, band-aids, motion sickness pills, lip balm, eye drops and personal medication.

Know the Right Things to Pack for a Gorilla Trek

Gorilla trekking is a magical wildlife experience nearly everyone wants to engage in but requires you to be well-prepared. In this article, we bring to you the list of essential items to carry on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda. You need to pack appropriately to have the best of your lifetime experience on gorilla trek.

Below are some of the essentials to carry for gorilla trekking

Gorilla safari permit

A valid gorilla safari permit is by all means a must-have tool if you are to go trek mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. It is what you present before the official of the respective gorilla safari park you will visit for verification. In Rwanda, permits for gorilla trekking are issued at US Dollars 1500 per person and in Uganda, at US Dollars 700.

It is easier to obtain your gorilla permit through a reliable ground tour operator or go through the long process yourself and book directly with the respective conservation authorities (in Rwanda contact Rwanda Development Board and in Uganda contact Uganda Wildlife Authority).

Light rain jacket/poncho.

Mountain gorillas live in the rain-forested areas and by nature, rains should be expected at anytime of the day. Therefore, the rain jacket or poncho is one essential thing you should expect to have to protect you when it rains while you are on a trek to see mountain gorillas.

Long-sleeved shirt

Long sleeved shirts are essential when it comes to gorilla trekking adventures. They can protect your hands not only from biting insects but also from scratches when navigating through the dense vegetation to see mountain gorillas.

Long trousers

On actual gorilla trek and during briefing, the park official will remind you to tack in your trouser into socks. Long trousers are essential as they will protect you from biting ants or insects when trekking to view mountain gorillas.

Carry a good camera without flashlight

There is nothing exciting like capturing pictures of massive mountain gorillas while in the wild. But first, ensure you have a good camera with no flashlight to avoid irritating these humble creatures in their habitat. We advise you to turn the flashlight off before taking photos that is if your camera has a flashlight.

Passport & visas

During verification at park offices before you assemble for briefing on gorilla trekking rules, first, you will present your passport and visas before the park official. This is to ascertain if you are the exact person heading to trek gorillas.

A waterproof Daypack

Waterproof daypack is significant for you to protect your documents and other essential travel items.

Hiking boots.

Waterproof hiking boots should never miss on the list of things to carry on gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These are essential for protecting your legs from getting wet especially during the wet season when there is plenty of rainfall or even during the dry season in case you bump into muddy ground.

A pair of cotton socks (long enough)

Many may ignore packing socks but they play a significant role. Firstly, it is a must to have your trouser tacked into socks to protect you from moving ants.

First aid kit

Mountain gorilla trekking is an adventure experience that requires you to be ready for anything. Have your first aid kit in case of any minor injuries or you need some first aid. It should contain pain killers, cold medication, allergy remedy, malarial drugs and anti-diarrhea drugs, antiseptic cream, bandages and liniment.

Garden gloves.

Trekking to view gorillas involves navigating through the dense vegetation and gardening gloves should be a must-have to protect your hands in you touch itching plants, thorny trees and others. This is especially during the process of getting support.

Insect repellents

When planning to go trek mountain gorillas, don’t forget to carry insect repellents. These will help protect yourself from insect bites and remarkably, ensure that you have “RID” or DEET.

Energy giving snacks & bottled water.

Gorilla trek takes from 2-6 hours and it involves navigating through the dense vegetation, steep slopes. Generally, it is a strenuous experience requiring you to be physically fit. To ensure you make a complete trek, have some snacks and bottled drinking water.

A sweater.

A sweater is essential to carry on gorilla trekking safari. It is what helps protect you or give warmth to you especially when it is cold.