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Amahoro means peace and indeed this group is one of the “peaceful” families in the Volcanoes National Park. This is one of the best groups to track if you love to see many family members.

The Amahoro Group is composed of 17 gorillas which include one silverback, two black back gorillas, 5 adult female gorillas, two sub adult males, 2 juveniles and five babies. Though this group is known to be peaceful, its peace came at a cost. Ubumwe, the silverback gorilla in this group is the most gentle silverback but unfortunately he lost his gorillas to Charles in the Umubano gorilla family.

For interested trekkers, if you are to track the Amahoro gorilla group, be ready to bear with steep slopes since this family lives in the hilly slopes of the volcanoes. However, the hike is worthy for you to encounter this tremendous gorillas in their family.