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Cyanungu is also referred to as the least frequented area along Lake Kivu by the tourists to Rwanda on any tour, one of the main reasons would also be its geographical location and the fact that there are few lodges and hotels to choose from along Lake Kivu. The new hotel to be established here is called Emeraude Kivu resort that is overlooking the Lake and is so refreshing. You can also add on Cyanungu which is along Lake Kivu after your visit and stay in Nyungwe Forest and it will take you a short drive time.

You can as well have a boat ride on the scenic Lake Kivu and then continue to the Island leaping to Gihaya and Nkombo Islands, the nature walks also involve some nice surrounding area that will look beautiful to you. Ruzizi River also passes out of Lake Kivu and has got many possibilities most especially if you love hiking. You can as well visit the hot springs and then take a warm dip and enjoy the local culture and get to know about Rwandans and their nice country. The choice is in your hands of where you would like to stay at any of their lodge as you enjoy the sun shine, also be human in the middle of the creation on this beautiful lake.

Enjoying the coffee adventure tour in Lake Kivu

You will also see some of Africa’s depraved coffee in the drop to cup coffee adventure along Lake Kivu in Rwanda. This tour is also a must do for those who love a good cup of morning tea. You will also follow the coffee creation process from the coffee plantations on the Island along the lake. You will enjoy a festive cup at the end of the safari with lunch.

Today it will be your day to taste some of Africa’s best Java Bourbon coffee along the shores of the lake and its some of the best Arabic beans in the world and these are also grown here and today you will have the journey that will take you from Crop to Cup and adventure the process that are included in the preparation of a cup of the best coffee in the world. People travel to Rwanda to view the mountain gorillas and others come to see some of the finest coffee that is only found in the land of a thousand hills and today’s journey , you will also see the real process of organic , natural brew from crop to cup.

The safari will start with a boat cruise from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island and you will get to enjoy the scenic wonders and also view the exact process from crop to cup. On the Nyamirundi Island, you will also visit the plantation of Rwanda Cooperative that is referred to as Igoboka that runs the Rwanda Families by creating a good life for them and a growing a full bodied coffee which is also sought after around the world. You will as well pick the coffee beans and after proceed to the washing station at Gashashi were the coffee beans are washed in 20 steps. After, you will be part of the roasting of this coffee on an open fire and the final stage will of tasting the coffee.

You will then have lunch in Gisenyi with Ingoboka coffee Cooperative representatives were you will be able to ask the questions about Rwanda’s coffee that people like so much around the world and also make lots of dollars. This crop to cup coffee adventure will be one of the highlights of the safari in Rwanda and get to enjoy the taste of one of Africa’s best coffee in Rwanda.

The Karogi –Kibuye

This is also a sleepy laid back town which is also another good place of Rwanda were you can relax and chill along the lake. Its scenery is so dramatic since it shows itself through the coves and bays that look like the watery fingers that are framed by the present color green of Rwanda. Kibuye is the most beautiful town were one can chill and relax in high comfort, you can as well take a swim in the lake and dive from a long walk or you can also  dip your toes into the waters of the lake. This town is not so common to many of the visitors since most of them come for gorilla tracking, however, this is changing and time to come, Kibuye will have more and more visitors that come to enjoy the shores of Lake Kivu.

The choices of the lodges are between budgets and moderate which makes it so cheap and the lodges offer from basic to more complicated rooms for you to choose from. The food will be from Rwanda even though the international cuisines are also present. This Kibuye town is good to relax and chilling out , it’s also an area that is connected to the genocide of Rwanda and any one can visit two of Rwanda’s sacred places, which is the genocide memorial church and the Hill of residence memorial, this was also a place in the hills where some got a decision to take a last stand.