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Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo are the two most neglected lakes of Rwanda and are so beautiful that are located at the base of volcano Muhabura and so close to the border with Uganda. These are surrounded by very steep hills and large waterfalls with a back drop of the Virunga Volcanoes Mountains. The lakes are good to be visited after tracking the gorillas in Ruhengeri. The lakes are close to gorilla tracking centre of Ruhengeri and used to be known as the neglected gems but presently are famous to the tourists.

They have got deep blue waters that are ringed by the steep hills and tall waterfalls with the summaries of the nearby Virunga volcanoes that provide a very great back ground. The lakes are seen from the comfortable foyer de charite’s guest House along Lake Ruhondo. The two lakes are divided buy a 1 km wide strip of land. The scenery here is great as the shores of the lakes are heavily terraced and well cultivated with the crops and volcanoes that mud worrying from a distance.

Lake Kivu is the largest of the many lakes in Rwanda and these two lakes are close to gorilla tracking centre of Ruhengeri and the neglected gems. The people living around Rwanda’s many lakes try to make a living out of what these lakes have to offer. There is the famous Amahoro Co-operatives with a group of people who use the traditional fishing methods at the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. The works carried out from the shores of the lakes or from the traditional canoes that have a single piece of wood.

Enjoy a visit to an island where you will get a boat or the dugout canoe ride to the islands in the lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. Enjoy the scenery and packed lunch at the great island. Discover the nature in traditional canoes, the beautiful land scape, wetland habitats and water.  These have got deep blue waters that are surrounded by high hills. Get to enjoy the submerge waterfalls that beautify volcanoes in a spectacular way. Through the safaris, you will get to discover the unforgettable beauty of Lake Burera, Lake Kivu and Lake Ruhondo.

The tours around these lakes make it so possible to adventure the green volcano slopes, the giant volcanoes and the gorillas. These scenic lakes of Burera and Ruhondo as well as Rugezi swamp are recognised for their excellent water birding chances. Apart from the visit to the lakes, the other safaris in the country include; community based tourism, village visits, local fishing using the traditional methods and ethno batony safaris and many more.