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If there is one exciting watersport or excursion you shouldn’t miss on Rwanda safari then it is boating on the Twin Lakes. The Twin Lakes; Lake Ruhondo and Burera are magical and they are found in the North-western Rwanda, Musanze. They offer the best of boating excursion experience to tourists on Rwanda safari. The 2 magnificent lakes feature a distinct flow pattern making them magical features worth exploring.

Lake Burera is 150m higher than Lake Ruhondo and taking a boat ride is amazingly a thrilling experience. It is also possible to spot both Lakes more so the point where they flow into each other and this can be best done on aerial view. Boating is one of the activities tourists enjoy while on tour at the twin lakes. You also stand a chance to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the beautiful islands. The 2 lakes have a depth of 180m and attracts different tourists on Rwanda safaris.

Formation of the twin lakes

Boating the Twin Lakes of Bulera and Ruhondo

Lake Ruhondo and Burera formed due to volcanic activity on the part where River Nyabarongo used flow northwards to Ndorwa some years back although this now falls on Uganda side. It was as a result of volcanic eruptions along the volcano area in the northern side of Rwanda that resulted into the Twin Lakes. The Lava flows that resulted from volcanoes blocked R. Nyabarongo channels making Lake Ruhondo and Burera the Lava dammed lakes.

Why visit the Twin lakes of Rwanda

Lake Ruhondo and Burera cover surface area of about 2800ha. The 2 lakes and their Rugezi swamp are popular for their excellent photography experiences, beauty and also feature as the best birding spots in Rwanda. Rugezi swamp itself features among the 7 Important Birding Areas in Rwanda and if you are enthusiastic birder, count it a must-visit while on boating tour on the Twin Lakes. Some of the amazing birds to expect to identify here include cormorants, Hammerkop, cranes, darters, stalks, kingfishers and others. They are the best when it comes to sightseeing and if you are interested in breathtaking sceneries.

Lake BuleraAlong the shorelines of Lake Burera and Ruhondo, you will see locals conducting fishing and it is an incredible experience to see residents as they paddle. Boating experience on the twin lakes can also be incorporated with mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.

Besides boating, there is also opportunity for tourists to have in-depth learning about Rwanda’s unique history and cultures in the nearby local community. You will explore the daily activities done by locals and even have hands on experience.