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This is splitter gorilla group from the original Susa “A” due to continuous fights. Some guidebooks call this group Susa “B.” It is composed of 15 mountain gorillas and it usually lives in the slopes of Karisimbi volcano which is almost 4507 meters above sea level, the highest mountain peak of Rwanda.

The Susa “B” is perfectly fit for tourists who are physically endowed. It seems that they have established their refuge on top of the Karisimbi caldera slopes and this means that the trekkers may spend a whole day tracking for these remarkable species.

This gorilla family at times moves on top and this makes the trek a bit hard. However, conservation guides and trackers are always sent to the field and this means that they can allocate where to find the gorilla group. At times, visitors are restrained from tracking this family due to its distant location.