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Gorillas Have Been in Rwanda for more than 110 years

Gorillas Have Been in Rwanda for more than 110 years


According to the CNN Television news cast on its internet site, existence of gorillas from the volcano in Rwanda came to knowledge in 1902 when a Germany researcher found 2 gorillas in the mountains.

From that time, Gorillas have faced many problems among which have been caused by the destruction of forests and actions of poachers to the extent that the animals were considered as species that might disappear on the face of the earth.

During the time that Dian Fossey was killed in the wilderness of Rwanda in the 1985 while researching on the life of gorillas, there were less than 300 gorillas in Rwanda.

In these days though gorillas are still considered that they will disappear on the face of the earth, their number increased to almost 800 and this was caused by the environmental conservation  mainly in the forests of the volcanic park;  a place where Dian Fossey left a research centre and still operating in her memory.

Actions to protect the gorillas and their lives played a part in increasing the economy of Rwanda through tourism and poachers were made advisors is protecting and conserving the environment.

The volcanic gorillas are now in the highest part of Virunga Mountain, in Mgahinga National park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Congo (RDC) and the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

The recent census conducted in the 22nd.April.2008 showed that in Rwanda there are about 260 gorillas, 200 gorillas in Congo volcanoes and between 300 and 340 gorillas in the Uganda wilderness but are smaller in size compared to those in Rwanda and Congo.