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Hotel Muhabura

Muhabura Hotel

Muhabura Hotel

Hotel Muhabura

Muhabura Hotel is a budget facility located in North of Kigali, about 15 minutes’ walk off from Volcanoes National Park, and from Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, about 10km. This is one of the comfortable accommodation options found within the reach of Volcanoes NP, Rwanda’s most visited parks.

Hotel Muhabura is composed of 30 spacious rooms and 6 (six) apartments all offering cozy environment for guests to chill from before or after trekking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes N/Park. This is a well-furnished hotel facility fitted with a private suite facilities, flushing toilets, hot running showers, hot running showers, flushing toilets, and veranda for visitor relaxation while enjoying the spectacular view of the surrounding areas.

Muhabura Hotel features different room categories ranging from single, double, twins and triple. If you are interested in campfires, they can be provided at night. At Muhabura Hotel, a room can be booked at the most affordable rates. The other important facilities and services that are offered at Hotel Muhabura include a restaurant where you can enjoy local or international delicacies. Meals at Muhabura are provided at the main house.

There is also a fully stocked bar for you to have your favorite drink –soft or hard drinks, and while you sip, you have abundant beauty in your surroundings. Available services to expect at Muhabura include laundry services, fireplaces to keep you warm, Wi-Fi internet, solar energy, 24/7 security, hospitable staff, and ample parking space, etc.

The rooms at Muhabura Hotel are fitted with hot showers, flushing toilets. At the nearby area, you can also visit the Gift shop to purchase your favorite gifts including shoes, clothes, souvenirs and others. Beyond meals and comfortable night stay, visitors can also utilize some of the hotel’s fitness facilities including massage and saunas.

What to do

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is a must-do primate adventure if you consider spending a night at Muhabura Hotel. When planning a gorilla trip, it is a desire of every visitor to have a night in a lodge nearby the destination, and luckily, Muhabura has you sorted. This budget accommodation a few minutes’ drive from Kinigi park offices where tourists are briefed about gorilla trekking rules and also assigned gorilla group to visit.

Golden monkey tracking

Golden monkeys do not live everywhere on earth except within the Albertine area and Virunga region. A significant population of these primates survives within Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, with majority already undergone through habituation and ready to be trekked.


From Muhabura Hotel to Volcanoes NP isn’t far and for birders, this park is endowed with over 200 species of birds. A birding tour in this protected area allows you search for great avifaunal species such as the Red-faced woodland warblers, Rwenzori double-collared sunbird, Dusky crimson wing, Archer’s ground robin, Rwenzori turacos, collared apalis, Black crowned waxbills, Baglafetch weavers, Rwenzori batis, and many others.

Volcano hiking/climbing

With the lead of an experienced guide, embark on an unforgettable volcano climbing adventure. Conquer the spectacular Virunga Volcanoes including the Gahinga Volcano, Muhabura, Bisoke, Sabyinyo and Karisimbi.

Other areas of interest while at Muhabura Hotel include the Musanze cave exploration, Twin Lakes –Burera and Lake Ruhondo; trek with the local guide to the Dian Fossey tomb site.

Getting there

Guests starting their journeys from Kigali can spend about 2 hours to drive through the scenic Northwestern route of Rwanda to Muhabura Hotel. This budget facility is set within Musanze and not far from the park offices –Kinigi. The hotel is built in Musanze area, Northwestern Rwanda.

Book Muhabura Hotel for your overnight stay while in Rwanda gorilla safaris or birding in Volcanoes NP, and return home with lots of memories.

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