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A cable Car to be Put on the Peak of Mount Karisimbi

A cable Car to be Put on the Peak of Mount Karisimbi


The government of Rwanda is planning to put a cable car on Mt. Karisimbi to promote Eco-tourism in that part of the country.

The cable will be used as a mode of transport for tourists at the Karisimbi mountain and is expected to improve tourism in the country.

A cable car is a mass transit system using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed.

Beed Management, a Nepal firm has won consulting contract for the construction of this cable car at Karisimbi.

The company said in a statement that it would be preparing a business plan for a cable car project on Mt Karisimbi besides undertaking a visioning and planning exercise for an ecotourism project.

According to the firm, the project involves establishing a $35 million cable car on Rwanda’s highest peak at Mt Karisimbi.

The ecotourism project will involve establishing a 260sq kilometer area to promote ecotourism and make Rwanda the premier ecotourism destination in Central and East Africa.

The ecotourism project is projected to attract investments of $2 billion for Rwanda.