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A diversity of traditional handicrafts are produced in rural areas of Rwanda ranging from basketry, traditional wood carvings to paintings and ceramics.

Beautiful crafted handcraft can be bought from street stalls and the main markets through out Kigali as well as the capital centre for the formation of ARTS, at a fair price.

The traditional villages of Nyakarimbi located near Rusumo falls at the boarder with neighboring Tanzania are renowned for producing “cow-dung paintings.”

A wide selection of these paintings are locally made by a local co-operative within the village; characterized by brown, white and black whorls and many more geometric abstractions.

These handicrafts can be bought from Kigali, the country’s capital. Visitor can also make private arrangements to visit Nyakarimbi village to get first-hand information and witness production of the unique cow-dung paintings.


Weaving and basket making is one of the most popular artisans in Rwanda.


Imigongo Art Center

The geometric Imigongo is also a popular souvenir that you can buy from Rwanda. The art adorns the huts of the traditional villages and lobbies of beautiful Rwandan houses. Made from cow dung, natural dyes and a keen artistry, these souvenirs are quite beautiful. You can get these arts from the Imigongo Art Center.