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Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is a fascinating travel destination that is well-known for its mountain gorilla population and breathtaking scenery. It’s crucial to adhere to particular rules in order to save the fragile ecology, wildlife, and yourself and other visitors.

Although you can go on a Rwanda safari year-round, there are several regulations and rules that visitors must adhere to while visiting the Volcanoes Park. These recommendations are designed to safeguard the protection and preservation of animals, as well as the safety of people when visiting the fragile ecosystems of the Rwandan Volcanoes.

Rules for Volcanoes National Park

Nature Rules

Compliance with the regulations of nature is crucial when visiting the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

These include adhering to the appropriate trail etiquette, maintaining silence while in the park, ensuring cleanliness of the park, and other guidelines. Below are few crucial guidelines to adhere to when visiting nature:

Avoid littering rubbish in the  Volcanoes National Park

Maintaining cleanliness in the park is crucial for all visitors. Upon entering Volcanoes National Park, it is imperative to show utmost reverence for the nature. It is imperative to ensure that you depart from the location in the same pristine condition in which you encountered it, in order to save the park for future generations.

The used containers or things should be discarded in the specified waste bins. If you are on a gorilla trekking expedition, you can also bring your used items back to the park offices (Kinigi), where you will find waste bins.

Preserving national parks strongly discourages pollution. Regardless of the size of the waste, it is crucial to transport your trash back to the designated disposal areas within the park.

Abstain from smoking

Smoking is prohibited within the boundaries of the Volcanoes National Park. The park is primarily a primate tour attraction, housing both the endangered golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. Additionally, there are additional primates present throughout the park. Primates have the ability to readily detect respiratory diseases in humans.

Mountain gorillas are our closest cousins, as they share over 98% of their DNA with humans. Being exposed to smoking increases their susceptibility to infectious diseases. Aside from smoking, it is prohibited to consume food and beverages in the presence of gorillas.

Furthermore, smoke has the potential to ignite flames. Hence, it is crucial to protect our parks, and there are no officially designated smoking zones within the park. 

Noise is strictly forbidden

It is crucial to make an effort to maintain a modest volume of your voices while inside the park.

During gorilla trekking sessions, it is recommended to maintain a quiet volume when searching for the giant apes in the jungle. Gorillas may become frightened and maybe agitated or charge at individuals in response to loud noises. 

Abstain from collecting  anything

It is imperative that you refrain from gathering any items from the park, with the exception of photographs. Regardless of whether you are handling a volcanic stone or simply picking a leaf, it is imperative to ensure that the ecosystem remains undisturbed during your safari. Harvesting flowers and flora in the park is strictly forbidden due to its contribution to the proliferation of invasive species. It is important to adhere to the rule of nature which strictly forbids the removal of any items from national parks, despite the fact that we are allowed to enjoy them. Regardless of whether it is an indigenous artifact or a rock, it is prohibited to collect any items.

The possession of firearms and other types of ammunition is strictly forbidden within the park. The park ensures its security, so there is no need for concern during your visit. It is crucial to understand that the unlawful possession of firearms might result in legal action under the country’s laws, as it pertains to poaching. 

Preserve the natural behavior and habitat of wildlife

Encountering wildlife is an essential part of a visit to Volcanoes National Park. The park is renowned for its gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, and other exhilarating encounters with wildlife. Adhering to wildlife regulations is crucial to ensure the protection and conservation of wild animals.

Keep  the Distance

Observing wildlife from a significant and non-intrusive distance is crucial. If you like a detailed view of the wildlife, it is recommended that you utilize binoculars.

To prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to primates like golden monkeys and mountain gorillas, it is important to keep a minimum distance of 7 meters when encountering them.

Feeding wildlife with human food is prohibited. Regardless of whether birds or monkeys are inclined to approach humans, it is advisable to refrain from providing wildlife with food intended for human consumption.