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There are many things to do to ensure successful gorilla trekking. Being a life time event, Gorilla trekking requires adequate preparation and the following are things you must do in preparation for Gorilla trekking:

  1. Book your Gorilla permit in advance. Its very important to book your Gorilla permit in advance to avoid malice and disappointment. Since gorilla trekking is done by many people, the demand for Gorilla permits remans high all year round. Its scaring and so, calls for advance booking. You can ease the booking by dealing with a local tour company OR book online.
  1. Prepare your Gorilla trekking gear. Seek guidance from the local tour operators on what to carry for a gorilla safari experience. Among the things to carry include:

– 1-2 long sleeved shirts

– 3 short sleeved t-shirts

– 2 –3 pairs of lightweight slacks/trousers – that can dry

quickly (if wearing on treks)

– 1 pair of shorts

– 1 sweater or sweatshirt

– A waterproof and windproof jacket

– 1 skirt (for women)

– Gloves – gardening or similar (for gorilla trekking)

– Strong waterproof walking boots – pants should be tucked into

socks and boots while trekking (heavy soled rain boots also work


– Pair of sports sandals like Tevas

– Hat-wide brim or with a visor for sun protection

– Sleepwear

– Underwear

– Lightweight wool socks

– Swimsuit (and a plastic bag)


– Sunscreen

– Sunglasses with neck strap

– Insect repellent with DEET

– Small day pack

– Flashlight

– Binoculars

– Extra batteries

– Camera and extra lenses

– Film particularly fast film for the gorillas.

– Personal toiletries

– Prescription medicines and possibly prescription itself

– Kleenex tissues

– Small notebook

First Aid Kit including re-hydration sachets, anti-diarrhea medicine, aspirin, cold medication, antiseptic cream, band-aids, motion sickness pills, lip balm, eye drops and personal medication.

  1. Confirm your flights. Ensure that your flights are booked, paid and confirmed. Its important to book all the means of transport you want to use on your Gorilla trip. If you need self-drive, then book it in advance as well.
  1. Apply, pay and confirm your Visas. Visas are important in tours and travel. If you require visa to enter a nation where you want to trek Gorillas from, then do it before the actual trip. You can inquire from travel agents to guide when applying for visas.
  1. Prepare a stable source of income. While on the trip, you are likely to spend more money apart from Gorilla permit/ pass. You may pay tip, clear miscellaneous, buy gifts, support orphans, you may like to upgrade accommodation etc.