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Planning to visit Rwanda? Here are Rwanda entry, visa and exit requirements for visitors looking to traveling to Rwanda;

Health Requirements

Just like any other foreign country, visitors intending to visit Rwanda are advised to visit their doctor two months before getting to Rwanda and this will help in ensuring a healthy trip where medical requirements are provided and this should be accompanied with medical insurance.
Rwanda’s main town has got medical facilities working 24 hours but with limited products on sale. Note that Rwanda’s health centres do not have enough qualified doctors and this was caused by the 1994 genocide that which was targeting professionals in the country.

  • Malaria

  • It is rampant and common in Rwanda and less prevalent in Rwanda, than in some other African Countries. You will not find the Malaria vaccine in Rwanda, the only alternative is to use the prophylactic drugs and sleeping under mosquito net or avoiding places where they are active.

Medical examination for Malaria symptoms should be carried out four weeks before traveling. Malaria is life-threatening disease and anti-malarial prophylaxis does not completely protect you from getting the disease. Its id advised to get immediate and serious treatment once you fall a victim of malaria with qualified doctors to take blood tests.

  • Food and Water

  • Diarrhoea and other faecal-oral diseases are common among touristscoming for Africa safaris due to change in diet and drinking contaminated water.  much rarer to get sick from drinking contaminated water but it does happen, so try and drink from safe sources. To make sure you are not exposed to these problems make sure you drink water which has under gone a purifying process and make sure that all the food you purchased is washed thoroughly, peeled and boiled.
  • Dangerous Insects
  • Most diseases in East Africa are spread by insects. Dengue, leishmaniasis, onchocerciasis, filariasis, trypanosomiasis and Rift Valley fever are all spread by mosquitoes and tsetse flies. Avoid exposure to wear longsleeved shirts for men /blouses (women( and long trousers sleeping under mosquito net.
    Tumbu flies are a problem in areas of eastern, western and southern Africa where the climate it hot and humid. The flies hatch their eggs on the soil or your drying laundry and when the egg comes in to contact with the human flesh they hatch and bury themselves under the skin.

Rwanda Entry Visa Requirements

British nationals to Rwanda do not need a visa to enter Rwanda for a maximum of two months. If you plan to frequent Rwanda and work from Rwanda, you are advised to contact Rwanda’s Immigration Department requesting for a longer stay visa. You may also contact the Rwanda Embassy in your country for more information about Rwanda’s Visa and other travel requirement.

A clearance letter is required for visitors who are planning to apply for resident/business or missionary multiple entry visas upon arrival at Kigali Airport.

Rwanda Entry Requirements – A vaccination certificate for Yellow fever. This certificate may be asked for upon arrival at Kigali International Airport if you are coming from a country where yellow fever common.